Become a PRO at Freeze Drying with The CUBE

The World's Most Intelligent and Efficient at Home Freeze Dryer!

Compact • Productive • Hassle Free

12-16 Food Servings Per Batch!


We've Developed Technology That Works!

  • Patent Pending: Intelligent Moisture Sensing

    We know how important it is to monitor the moisture in the chamber, so we found a solution that allows our freeze drying process to be more accurate.

  • Patent Pending: Vacuum Pump Configuration

    No more expensive oil changes with our internal oil-free vacuum pump. We developed the right solution by eliminating oil and integrating our pump inside The CUBE. We said we are smarter.

  • Patent Pending: Drying Chamber Design

    This chamber allows for more efficient freeze drying and a larger capacity than competitors. Bigger and better!

  • Alert Monitoring

    Ever wonder when your cycle is complete? The CUBE will send you text and email alerts. This is included free with the PRO model and is available as a separate purchase.

  • Jar Seal Mode

    Seal your jars in a flash! Keeps your stores air tight in glass jars and preserve the fresh taste for years to come.

  • Candy Express Mode

    Freeze Dried Candy Has never been easier. We love being creative with The CUBE. Great for fundraisers or a side hustle.

We’ve spent years working with and manufacturing freeze dryers and we know what works and what doesn’t work. We’ve taken all that knowledge and put it into a freeze dryer that is now the best option for you. We are excited to show you what The CUBE is all about; take a look…

What Can The CUBE Do?

From Harvest To Food Stores

Food Storage

Healthy living begins with the food choices you make for your family. In a world filled with processed foods, chemicals, and preservatives, it's more crucial than ever to take control of what you eat. The CUBE Freeze Dryer empowers you to embrace a healthier lifestyle by preserving natural, wholesome foods for your entire family.

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Emergency Preparedness

Disasters come in all sorts of unexpected ways. In today's unpredictable world, being prepared for emergencies is a growing concern. Whether you're facing natural disasters, power outages, or unexpected disruptions with income, having a reliable source of long-lasting, nutritious food is crucial. That's where The CUBE Freeze Dryer steps in as your ultimate ally in emergency preparedness.

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Your homestead or small farm is more than just land; it's a labor of love. Preserve the fruits of your labor with The CUBE Freeze Dryer, the best home preservation method, and enjoy the rewards of your hard work, season after season. Take the next step toward self-sufficiency and a farm-to-table lifestyle with The CUBE.

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Hiking and Camping

How can The CUBE make lightweight and portable food fast and simple? The benefits of creating your own camping and hiking food is endless!

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Culinary Professional

For culinary professionals and freeze-dried candy businesses, innovation is the key to success. The CUBE Freeze Dryer is your secret ingredient for pushing the boundaries of flavor, texture, and creativity in your culinary endeavors. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a candy artisan, discover how The CUBE can transform your creations.

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Pet Food

Pet Parents want the best for our fur-babies. That includes providing them with wholesome, nutritious, and delicious meals. With The CUBE Freeze Dryer, you can take pet care to the next level by crafting homemade and healthy pet food that your pets will adore.

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