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Can I really freeze dry my own food at home?

Absolutely! Many foods freeze dry perfectly at home. You can view our Getting Started guide to get an idea of what to add to your menu.

Do I have to sit and watch this happen? And how long does it take?

Of course you can, but unless you love the science of it like we do, you can typically expect it to run for 17 – 30 hours. Don’t worry about keeping constant tabs–it will run all on its own and send you a notification when the batch is complete.

Can I pause the process while I go out of town?

If you are leaving for just a few days, the freeze dryer will keep your food fresh while you are gone. For longer trips, we recommend that you stop the process and put the food in the freezer and restart when you return.

How much time and experience do I have to have to maintain this freeze dryer?

No previous knowledge or experience is needed to maintain the Cube! It doesn’t need filter or oil changes–just a bit of normal cleaning of food spills and messes is all it needs.

How long will my freeze dried food last?

While this can vary depending on the type of food being preserved, properly sealed and stored freeze dried food can typically last up to 25 years on the shelf. We recommend that you become familiar with the process of sealing your food at home to maintain its freshness.

Where can I buy it?

You can place an order and checkout directly on our website!

How do I register my freeze dryer for its warranty?

Visit the registration page to enter your warranty information.

How much power (kWh) does The CUBE use in 24 hours?

In a typical 24 hour cycle, The CUBE uses between 12-14 kWh

Return and Refund Policy

Customers may return The Cube freeze dryer within 30 days of shipping.

A refund will be given of the full purchase price minus shipping and a 15% restocking fee.

After the 30 days, all returns for service or replacement due to manufacturing, defect will be determined by Prep4Life and at its sole discretion.