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CUBE Essentials Bundle

Regular price $5,508.00
Regular price Sale price $5,508.00
Cube Essentials Bundle - Prep4Life
Regular price $5,508.00
Regular price Sale price $5,508.00

Essentials Bundle Includes:

  • Cube Freeze Dryer
  • 4 Cube Freeze Dryer Trays
  • 4 Cube Tray Silicone Mats
  • Collapsible Bucket
  • Heat Sealer
  • 50 Medium Mylar Bags
  • 50 Oxygen Absorbers

The Worlds Smartest and Most Efficient Freeze Dryer. It’s time to build your own food supply. Preserve meats, meals, fruits, vegetables, and even ice cream for up to 25 years. 

Unlock the art of food preservation with The CUBE Home Freeze Dryer. As your trusted companion in the kitchen, The CUBE lets you preserve the flavors of your harvest, turning everyday meals into extraordinary, long-lasting delights.

Key Features:

✅ Preserving Perfection: The heart of this home food preservation solution is The CUBE itself. With cutting-edge technology, it's the key to freeze-drying fruits, vegetables, herbs, and more. You can now lock in the exquisite taste, texture, and nutrients of your dishes, transforming them into culinary treasures.

✅ Oil Free Pump: Thanks to the built-in internal oil-free pump, The CUBE is virtually hassle-free to operate. Say goodbye to frequent maintenance tasks, and hello to convenient, on-demand food preservation. The 

Oil-Free Pump inside means less noise and no moving parts ($1,600 Value)

✅ Patent Pending Moisture Sensing Technology

Patent Pending Cube Chamber

Freeze Dries 25% more food than competitors of similar size

✅ Easy to use and cleanCandy Express Mode

✅ Jar Seal Mode

✅ Full Color Touch Screen

✅ Built in USA

THE CUBE Freeze Dryer with Internal Oil-Free Pump

It’s time to build your own food supply. Preserve meats, meals, fruits, vegetables, and even ice cream for up to 25 years.

Top Quality for the Pros:

Calling all culinary professionals and business owners! The CUBE isn't just for home use. Expand your business or culinary expertise with freeze-dried ingredients, and create freeze-dried candies for your inventory. With The CUBE, you're the PRO!

The CUBE Home Freeze Dryer - Where Culinary Creativity Meets Preservation Excellence!

Includes: Food Grade Stainless Steel Trays (4-pack), Oil-Free internal Pump, Owners Manual, All Prep4Life Freeze Drying Modes

Additional information

Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 22.5 × 27 in