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Blossoming Food Storage with The CUBE!

Blossoming Food Storage with The CUBE!


What are you planting this year? As April unfolds, nature bursts into full bloom, and it's the ideal time to infuse your food storage with the vibrancy of the season. The CUBE home freeze dryer, allows you to capture the essence of the harvest in every bite. Imagine opening a pouch of freeze-dried strawberries, the taste transporting you to a sun-kissed orchard. With The CUBE, your food stores become a celebration of nature’s abundance. As you plant this year, plan for a pantry full of freeze dried food stores all year long.

Our favorite things to freeze dry from the orchard and garden:


  • Apples – thinly sliced; sprinkle cinnamon over slices before freezing for

    cinnamon apples

  • Applesauce – arrange on trays in dollops or spread all over in an even layer

  • Apricots – sliced, with or without skin

  • Blackberries – space generously

  • Blueberries – halved; arrange skin side down; space generously

  • Cantaloupe – diced

  • Cherries – pitted and halved; arrange skin side down; space generously

    Note: Cherries take much longer than other fruits due to their high sugar content. To be sure that they are completely freeze-dried, bring cherries to room temperature before testing for doneness. They are done when they are completely crunchy, not chewy, at room temperature.

  • Grapes – halved or quartered; arrange skin side down; space generously

  • Lemons – halved and very thinly sliced; space generously

  • Limes – halved and very thinly sliced; space generously

  • Mango – sliced or diced

  • Nectarines – sliced, with or without skin

  • Oranges – halved and very thinly sliced; space generously

  • Peaches – sliced or diced

  • Pears – sliced or diced

  • Raspberries – space generously

  • Strawberries – sliced

  • Watermelon – remove the rind


  • Asparagus – chopped

  • Beets – sliced or diced; peeled and cooked first

  • Broccoli – blanch first

  • Carrots – sliced, diced or cut into spears

  • Cauliflower

  • Celery - chopped

  • Corn – raw or cooked

  • Cucumbers – sliced

  • Eggplant – sliced

  • Green Beans – if freeze-drying raw, blanch first; cut into small pieces

  • Green Onions – chopped

  • Kale*

  • Mushrooms – chopped or sliced

  • Okra – sliced

  • Olives

  • Onions – chopped or sliced, raw or roasted

  • Peas – shelled

  • Peppers (Jalapeno, Bell, etc.) – raw or roasted

  • Potatoes – diced (no larger than 1⁄2” thick) or sliced; for best results blanch first 

  • Pumpkin – pureed or diced (no larger than 1⁄2” thick)

  • Spinach*

  • Squash – diced (no larger than 1⁄2” thick)

  • Sweet Potatoes – diced (no larger than 1⁄2” thick)

  • Tomatoes – sliced or diced; can be ground up into a powder after freeze drying for tomato sauce

  • Zucchini – Sliced, shredded or spiraled

*Note: Leafy greens will reconstitute limp; they are best used in soups or crushed and added to smoothies.

Don't forget to plant ingredients in your favorite recipes to freeze dry in the Fall. With The CUBE, you're not just preserving food; you're creating a culinary journey that mirrors the blooming landscape outside. Imagine the delight of having the juiciest strawberries, the crunchiest carrots, and your favorite meals, all at your fingertips. In April, let The CUBE transform your food storage experience into a blossoming adventure.

April isn't just about preparing for the unexpected; it's about savoring the joys of life. The CUBE empowers you to build a food storage system that aligns with the freshness and vitality of spring. Freeze-dry your favorite fruits, vegetables, and even meals, and relish the convenience of having a pantry that mirrors the season's bounty.

Embrace the brilliance of spring with The CUBE PRO Bundle—your key to preserving the freshness of April.

Everything we have included in the Pro Bundle:

  • 8 trays
  • 16 mats
  • 8 racks
  • Heat sealer
  • 50 bags
  • 50 oxy packs
  • 8 lids
  • Wifi
  • Cart
  • Bucket
  • Jar seal

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