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PETE B. East Texas Homestead

In 2015 Pete B and his wife decided to "get out of the city" and leave the rat race, congestion and chaos behind. They moved from Houston to the country in east Texas where they now grow their own food and raise chickens for eggs. They enjoy the feeling of sitting at the dinner table and eating real, nutrient dense food that they have produced on their land. Pete B and his wife say it’s been a constant learning curve since they started their adventure. They invite you to enjoy their videos as they learn how to be more sustainable and productive with whatever they do on their homestead.

Check out Pete B. other videos and learn how to use The CUBE freeze dryer on YouTube:

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Josh Draper aka Stoney Ridge Farmer has a Regenerative Farming project nestled in the hills and hollers of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Josh grew up on a small homestead and cattle farm. After serving in the US Air Force and earning a degree in Science and Nursing, Josh became concerned about the quality of the food being sold in grocery stores.  

Thus, he started searching for a small piece of land near his family home in Southwest Virginia to build a farm. Josh settled on a property just south of the North Carolina/Virginia border and started building his first generation farm and homestead from scratch. Josh raises garden veggies, is building a "food forest", and also has about 150 acres with grass fed beef cattle. The Stoney Ridge Farmer YouTube and Facebook channels have informative and entertaining rural lifestyle content. From how to raise your own food, to tool reviews and mechanical projects! If you would like to learn more about the Stoney Ridge Farm, Josh invites you to check out the fun at and

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The SSLFamilyDad channel is dedicated to sharing his family's DIY journey to live sustainably by growing as much food as they can, as naturally as they can. They love to spend time together at home no matter the season and make God a part of their life in everything they do. As the SSL Family Dad, Todd enjoys projects around the home that improve quality of life, saving energy, producing his own food, and finding ways to be more sustainable. He works with technology on a daily basis and is always learning the ins and outs of do-it-yourself home improvement and repair. YouTube has been a huge resource for him and he is looking for ways to give back to the community and help others along the way. Check out his YouTube channel - @SSLFamilyDad



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Space Age Snacks

If you’re interested in discovering what your favorite snack will look like once it’s been freeze dried, Space Aged Snacks has you covered.  They are on a mission to freeze dry EVERY candy. They routinely share the step by step process of freeze drying, as well as tips and tricks they have learned along the way. Their channel features informative how to’s and fun freeze dried experiments. Check out their YouTube channel -

Watch videos about freeze dried candy and other snacks on their YouTube channel:

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Jonathan and Kylene Jones are The Provident Preppers. Jonathan is a civil engineer and seasoned prepper. Kylene is a happy homesteader, mom, and grandma. They are working to make our community strong and ready for a tough future. They  embrace self-reliance, provident living, and emergency preparedness. They graciously share their knowledge on their YouTube Channel - The Provident Prepper and on their website - Take a look and see what great information they have to share.


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Freeze Dried Recipes

  • Root Beer Baked Beans - Prep4Life

    Root Beer Baked Beans

    Prep 4Life
  • Veggie Lasagna - Prep4Life

    Veggie Lasagna

    Prep 4Life
  • Pasta Carbonara - Prep4Life

    Pasta Carbonara

    Prep 4Life