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Freeze Drying vs Canning


In the quest to preserve our favorite foods, freeze drying and canning emerge as contenders. However, when it comes to retaining nutritional value, freeze drying takes a clear lead. Let’s discuss why freeze drying is the preferred method for those who prioritize nutrition without compromising convenience.

Nutritional Preservation by the Numbers:

Freeze Drying Nutrient Retention: Studies show that freeze-dried foods can maintain up to 97% of their original nutritional content, making them a powerhouse of nutrients that remain virtually intact.

Canning’s Nutrient Loss: Canning involves exposing food to high temperatures, leading to significant nutrient degradation. It’s estimated that canning can result in a loss of up to 50% of vitamins and minerals.

Heat Sensitivity and Nutrient Loss:

Freeze Drying’s Low-Temperature Advantage: Freeze drying operates at lower temperatures, preserving nutrients without the damaging effects of high heat. The CUBE’s intelligent moisture sensing and oil free vacuum pump gently preserve your food.

Canning’s Drawback: The heat sensitivity of canning compromises the nutrient integrity of food, leading to a notable loss in essential vitamins and minerals.

Storage and Nutritional Convenience:

Compact and Nutrient-Rich: Freeze-dried foods are lightweight and compact, perfect for both outdoor adventures and emergency supplies. When packaged correctly, these store will last for up to 25 years.

Canning’s Bulk and Nutrient Loss: Canned foods often bulk up with added water weight, diluting nutritional density. When exposed to temperatures that are too cold or too warm, canned foods typically spoil.

Why Freeze Drying Triumphs:

Nutrition Meets Innovation: Freeze drying with The CUBE ensures that your food remains as nourishing as when it was fresh, making it the top choice for health-conscious individuals.

Space-Efficient Nutrition: The CUBE empowers you to create space-efficient, nutrient-rich meals that are ready to enjoy at a moment’s notice.

When it comes to preserving nutritional value, freeze drying reigns supreme. The numbers don’t lie – freeze-dried foods retain their nutrients, flavor, and quality, providing you with nourishing options that align with your goals. 

Wishing everyone a bountiful harvest,

Prep4Life Family


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