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Organize Your Food Stores to Thrive: A New Year with The CUBE - Prep4Life

Organize Your Food Stores to Thrive: A New Year with The CUBE


As we step into a new year, there's no better time for organization and preparedness. The CUBE, the world's most efficient home freeze dryer, becomes  a trusted tool in ensuring your family's well-being with healthy, ready to go meals, long term food storage and emergency readiness.

Reorganizing or getting started with food stores can be a challenge, but Prep4Life is here to help make building your food stores simple! Storing spices, grains and legumes is done in a flash with The CUBE's Jar Seal Mode.


Getting Started: Basics for Your Emergency Food Supply

  1. Grains: Store a variety of grains like rice, quinoa, and oats. Aim for at least 300 pounds per person per year.

  2. Legumes: Stock up on lentils, beans, and chickpeas. Allocate around 60 pounds per person per year.

  3. Freeze-Dried Fruits and Vegetables: The CUBE allows you to freeze dry an array of fruits and vegetables, providing essential vitamins. Plan for about 60 pounds of fruits and 80 pounds of vegetables per person per year.

  4. Proteins: Include a mix of freeze-dried meats, poultry, and plant-based proteins. Plan for approximately 60-80 pounds per person per year.

  5. Dairy and Alternatives: Consider powdered milk, cheese, and non-dairy alternatives. Aim for 75 pounds of dairy or dairy alternatives per person per year.

Keep Plenty of Storage Bags on Hand to Stay Organized




Emergency Preparedness: 72 Hour Kits

In addition to long-term food storage, create 72-hour emergency kits for each family member. Learn more about 72 Hour Kits HERE.

Organize with Purpose

Use The CUBE to efficiently freeze dry your chosen foods for long-term storage. Label and organize containers, and regularly update your 72-hour kits to ensure they remain current and effective.

Begin the new year with a sense of empowerment and readiness. With The CUBE as your ally, you're not just organizing; you're preparing for a future of abundance and security.

Make this year your most organized and prepared one yet with The CUBE!

Why The CUBE?

The CUBE features cutting-edge technology designed for efficiency and precision, making it the most intelligent at-home freeze dryer available.

Internal, Oil-Free Vacuum Pump: Bid farewell to expensive oil changes. The CUBE's internal pump eliminates the hassle and cost, ensuring your freeze-drying process is smooth and worry-free.

Intelligent Moisture Sensing: The CUBE's patented technology accurately monitors moisture levels, ensuring each cycle delivers perfectly freeze-dried results.

Alert Monitoring System: Receive timely alerts via text or email, so you're always in the loop about the status of your freeze-drying cycle.



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