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Freeze Dried Vegetables

Freeze Dried Vegetables



Vegetable of Choice


Prepare fruit as instructed on the fruits list at the beginning of this booklet.

Place fruit in single layer on trays lined with silicone mats.

Freeze-dry according to instructions.


Asparagus – chopped
Beets – sliced or diced; peeled and cooked first
Broccoli – blanch first
Carrots – sliced, diced or cut into spears
Celery - chopped
Corn – raw or cooked
Cucumbers – sliced
Eggplant – sliced
Green Beans – if freeze-drying raw, blanch first; cut into small pieces
Green Onions – chopped
Mushrooms – chopped or sliced
Okra – sliced
Onions – chopped or sliced, raw or roasted
Peas – shelled
Peppers (Jalapeno, Bell, etc.) – raw or roasted
Potatoes – diced (no larger than 1⁄2” thick) or sliced; for best results blanch first Pumpkin – pureed or diced (no larger than 1⁄2” thick)
Squash – diced (no larger than 1⁄2” thick)
Sweet Potatoes – diced (no larger than 1⁄2” thick)
Tomatoes – sliced or diced; can be ground up into a powder after freeze -

drying for tomato sauce
Zucchini – Sliced, shredded or spiralized

*Note: Leafy greens will reconstitute limp; they are best used in soups or crushed and added to smoothies.


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