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Cube Freeze Dryer Pro Cart

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Cube Freeze Dryer Pro Cart - Prep4Life
Regular price $164.99
Regular price $219.99 Sale price $164.99


Pro Model: Original rolling cart but with retractable working platform.

 Is it hard to find counter space for your freeze dryer? Freeze dryers are heavy, how do you move it? Well, the experts at Prep4Life have decided to make your life easier with The Cube Rolling Cart.

Simplify your freeze-drying process and enhance the mobility of your CUBE Freeze Dryer with the CUBE Freeze Dryer Rolling Cart. This purpose-built accessory is designed to provide convenience, stability, and versatility in your food preservation endeavors.
Key Features:
Enhanced Mobility: The CUBE Freeze Dryer Rolling Cart features smooth-rolling casters that make it effortless to move your freeze dryer to your preferred location. Say goodbye to lifting and carrying - simply roll it where you need it.
Sturdy and Stable: Crafted from robust materials, this rolling cart offers exceptional stability and support for your CUBE Freeze Dryer. It ensures a safe and secure freeze-drying experience.
Optimized Height: The cart is designed to elevate your CUBE Freeze Dryer to an ergonomic height, making it easier to load and unload trays. No more bending or straining during your food preservation process.

Experience the convenience, mobility, and stability that the CUBE Freeze Dryer Rolling Cart brings to your food preservation journey. Make your freeze-drying setup even more user-friendly and efficient.
Prepare, preserve, and roll - it's all made easier with the CUBE Freeze Dryer Rolling Cart.

Additional Info

Cube Freeze Dryer Warranty


One Year Full Warranty

The CUBE freeze dryer carries a one year full warranty within the continental United States for the original registered owner. This covers all manufacturing defects for one year from the date of purchase (see exclusions below). This also includes repairs if deemed necessary by Prep4Life and only by authorized technicians. The product must be properly registered (see registration section) within 30 days of purchase for warranty to come into effect.

Three Year Limited Warranty

Three year limited warranty on the closed refrigeration system for the original registered owner including the condenser, compressor, evaporator, and all copper tubing (see exclusions below).


North America outside continental 48 states

In Alaska, Hawaii and Canada all warranty periods remain the same as above but the consumer will be responsible for shipping of parts and professional repair services done outside of the Prep4Life factory or not by an authorized technician.


Cube freeze dryers purchased in countries outside those listed above carry the same warranty periods but the consumer will be responsible for shipping of parts and professional repair services.

Consumer Misuse

Any misuse deemed by Prep4Life will be the responsibility of the consumer which may include but not limited to:

1. Proper connection to a power source without an extension cord.
2. Proper installation of shelving unit, if removed.
3. Properly removing power source during cleaning and service.
4. Properly determining dryness of food and packaging for storage.
5. Operating the freeze dryer with enough air flow space (at least 4 inches on each side).
6. Parts installed not supplied by Prep4Life.
7. Service performed by technicians not approved by Prep4Life.
8. Improperly attempting to freeze dry harmful chemicals.
9. Allowing water to contact electrical circuit boards, wires, or connections.

Food Storage and Status

Prep4Life will not be responsible for the proper storage and status of food after the drying cycle. All food dryness and storage will be the responsibility of the consumer.