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CUBE Pro Bundle

Regular price $6,077.00
Regular price Sale price $6,077.00
The Pro Bundle - Prep4Life
Regular price $6,077.00
Regular price Sale price $6,077.00

Back by popular demand is the Prep4Life Pro Bundle!!! So many of you have loved the Pro Bundle and many of you have asked when we would bring it back. So, we are excited to bring the Cube Pro Bundle back, and it’s better than ever! The Prep4Life Cube Freeze Dryer is the world’s best and most efficient at-home freeze dryer. The Cube has 3 patents including our internal oil-free pump and moisture sensor that tells you when the food is actually done. No more changing oil, dealing with external parts or constantly checking on your freeze dryer to see if it’s done only to have to add more time – The Cube Pro Bundle takes care of all your freeze drying needs. Also when you add our WiFi alert system we know no other freeze dryer on the market can provide you with what you get in the Cube!

Check out this AMAZING list of everything we have included in our Pro Bundle:

  • 8 trays
  • 16 mats
  • 8 racks
  • Heat sealer
  • 50 bags
  • 50 oxy packs
  • 8 lids
  • Wifi
  • Cart
  • Bucket
  • Jar seal

Currently, we do NOT sell outside of the USA

Additional information

Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 22.5 × 27 in