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Pink Drink Copycat


Indulge in a refreshing beverage all year round with this copycat recipe of Starbucks' Pink Drink. The delightful fusion of strawberry flavors and coconut milk results in a delicious concoction that's bound to become a new favorite.


1/4 cup Freeze dried Strawberries

1 ounce Strawberry fruit puree

1 ounces coconut milk



Fill your cup 2/3 with ice and add the strawberry smoothie puree

Add the coconut milk

Add the freeze dried strawberries and give it all a good stir

Add more ice to fill the cup and top with a few more freeze dried strawberries if you prefer


Looking to store your leftovers? Simply refrigerate them and enjoy them later in the day. It's worth noting that the longer the freeze-dried strawberries remain in the drink, the softer they'll become, so it's best to consume your drink sooner rather than later.


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