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Are you ready to revolutionize the way you preserve food? With The CUBE, you can enjoy all the benefits of freeze drying right in your own home. Let us show you why The CUBE is the ultimate solution for all your freeze drying needs.

Capacity: How many shelves can I freeze dry?  With the Cube’s efficient chamber size and shape we have maximized the space to allow more food capacity in a space-efficient cabinet.  And then add the extended racks to make your four shelf unit into eight.  Imagine the total amount of food you can dry in your own space.  Turn 670 sq inches into 1340 sq inches as you desire.

Oil-Free:  Nobody likes changing the oil.  The Cube’s design allows for a completely integrated, oil-free vacuum pump that you never have to worry about.  You are never going to have to change the oil in this freeze dryer.  And there is never an ongoing cost to purchase expensive high-vacuum oil.  Freeze dry your food, worry free.

Moisture Sensing: It seems that since we are pulling moisture out of food that you would want to measure that.  Since nobody else does, we patented the process with our intelligent moisture sensing technology.  Be more confident that your food is dry when the Cube says it is.

Mobile Alerts: There are enough demands on our attention, why be a slave to your freeze dryer.  The Cube’s mobile alerts change the game.  Now it is performing the tasks you want it to without you around checking on it constantly.  Take control of your time by adding mobile alerts to your freeze drying.

Power Requirement: It is annoying to have a freeze dryer that now needs a dedicated power circuit that your electrician now has to run for you.  The Cube doesn’t require that.  Just a regular 15Amp household circuit will run The Cube because of its energy efficient design.

Candy Express Mode: The key to freeze dried candy sales is the ability to make them in large amounts and as fast as you can.  The Cube Candy Express mode does just that.  And now, with customization you can process candy faster than ever before.  Imagine being able to pull candy out every 40 minutes or so.

Jar Seal Mode: Do you like to store your dry food in jars?  The Cube has a jar seal mode to allow you to seal the jars after you have loaded them with food.  Just put the jar seal tray in with up to 9 quart jars and press go.  2 ½ minutes later your jars are sealed and ready to go on your shelf.

Ready to experience the convenience and versatility of The CUBE? Don't wait any longer – order yours today and elevate your food preservation game to the next level!


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